Hacklab at Jyväskylä University opening fair

Hacklab had a stand today at the university opening fair.

We had on display our traditional Elovalo led cube, a 3D-printed keyboard, some wood bowls and a custom e-bike battery pack.

There were a lot of interested people and a few already found their way to open doors Tuesday the same evening.

Extraordinary general meeting in 2018-12-01 14:00

The board of Hacklab Jyväskylä ry invites all members to an extraordinary general meeting on Saturday, 1st of December 2018 at 14:00 EET. Meeting takes place in the ground floor club room at Emännäntie 10 O. South entrance of O building is open.

Meeting agenda:

Chairperson Aleksi Vettainen has resigned from the board because of personal reasons. The board has decided to arrange an extraordinary general meeting for choosing the chairperson and 0 or 1 members of the board.

The resignation has not affected the routine tasks of the board. However, to ensure proactive development, the board wants to keep its current size and resources until the next ordinary general meeting.

Following association rules, the invitation to a general meeting must be invited a week before the meeting. In addition to this informal invitation, the official invitations have been filed in Finnish on our website and on our mailing list. See the rules in Finnish: https://jyvaskyla.hacklab.fi/saannot/

Please check the Finnish version of this page to see the formal agenda of the meeting. The meeting takes place in Finnish but informal simultaneous interpretation service is available. 🙂


Hacklab Jyväskylä Formal Opening

Last Thursday 15-11, Hacklab Jyväskylä has the opening ceremony in Kortepohja.

After sometime moving to the new place, finally we have the working stations ready for electrical works, 3D printing, wood working, sewing machine and so on.

The event was hosted by Hacklab Jyväskylä and the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä. It has attracted students in the village as well as people interested in Hacklab and maker space.

Receiving the present from the Student Union

People interested in Hacklab in the wood working station

Hacklab is the place for people who is interested in making things and creating the community for makers. No matter what background you have, if you have an idea or would like to make or build things, Hacklab is the place for you. Come visit us every Tuesday from 6pm onward to learn about the site and make some maker friends.

Yearly meeting / Yhdistyksen vuosikokous lauantaina 5.5. klo 15

The yearly meeting of the association will be held on Saturday, May 5th 3 PM at the lab. Welcome! Invitation in Finnish below.

Hacklab Jyväskylä ry:n sääntömääräinen vuosikokous järjestetään lauantaina 5.5. klo 15 yhdistyksen kerhotilassa osoitteessa Keskikatu 18 A.

Alustava esityslista on nähtävissä täällä:

Yhdistyksen jäsenet voivat halutessaan esittää asioita käsiteltäväksi kokouksessa. Esitykset voi laittaa sähköpostitse osoitteeseen hallitus@poistatama.jkl.hacklab.fi viimeistään 27.4.

Hacklab Summit Finland 2018 at Jyväskylä

Our Hacklab hosted the biannual Hacklab Summit Finland get-together event for the first time in our lab’s history. Helsinki Hacklab wrote a nice article about the event in their blog. It was nice to finally meet people from other hacklabs. There were participants from ten Finnish hacklabs in total. Thank you everyone!

Pictures of the event:

Blog coverage in Finnish:

The next HSF will be held in Helsinki from June 8 to 10, 2018. See you there!