Hacklab club nights reopen on Tuesday 2nd June 2020

The Finnish government allows gatherings of under 50 people starting 1st June 2020. This allows to reopen Hacklab club nights, and the board of Hacklab Jyväskylä ry has decided to continue club nights starting Tuesday 2nd June 2020.

  • Club night open starting Tuesday 2nd June 2020. Both Tuesday and Saturday club nights are reopened, so the first Tuesday club night is on 2nd June, starting 6pm, and the first Saturday club night is on 6th June, starting 3pm.
  • Our next community meetup (yhteisömiitti) will be held during our first club night on 2nd June, starting 6pm. Topics include corona issues, rule amendment proposal, changes in clubspace keys, and use of the present/away (paikalla/pois) switch. Remote attendance is possible.
  • From now on, Saturday club nights start at 3 pm 
  • Saturday sauna turns are not continued for now. We will inform about their reopening.

Reopening club nights and using the clubspace in general requires that everyone follows the general safety distance and hygiene recommendations. Do not use the space when you are ill. Note that tools and table tops may contain pathogens. At a minimum, wash your hands as your arrive and when you leave.

Virtual tour around Hacklab

Hacklab has resided in its current space in the Kortepohja O building for a little over a year now. The space is developing constantly, but a lot has been done already. Here is a little glimpse at the current state and future of the space.

Hangout space

Hangout space is a lounge-type room where members can for example code, play videogames, just chillax on the sofa, or read books. The space can also be used for 3D printing or tinkering with electronics. The hangout space has 3D printers, a Teklab table, radio amateur corner, lots of table space and chairs, screens of all kinds, and a bookshelf with a variety of books.


TV corner


Workshop is used mainly for woodwork. The set of tools includes e.g. a bench saw, planer thicknesser, drill press, bench grinder, bandsaw, wood-turning lathe, mitre saw, and a CNC router. Handheld tools include for example a drill, table saw, top miller, belt sander, flat sander, angle grinder, air compressor, electric plane, and a warm-air heater.

The workshop also has a storage where members of Hacklab can keep their own things.





The current space has a kitchen, which a significant improvement compared to the previous space. The fridge is stocked with refreshments to buy and there is pizza in the freezer that can be heated in the oven. There are cups, plates, and other utensils in the cupboard as well as a pot and a pan. Coffee and tea can be made with the coffee maker and kettle. Additionally, there is an amazing Jurassic Park flipper standing in the corner of the kitchen! In the future, some kitchen facelift may be done, such as renewing the cupboards.


Coming soon…

The rooms in the space can be developed in any direction that our members need. As of the start of this year, we have rented more space: two locker rooms with showers and a sauna. The sauna is under renovation, meaning that we might have our own sauna soon! This would allow us to heat the sauna e.g. on Saturday evenings. One of the locker rooms could for example be used for paintwork and/or for playing virtual reality games.

We want to develop our club space according to the wishes and needs of Hacklab members, which is why we warmly welcome all ideas related to the use of our club space from you!

Game Jam at Hacklab 4.-6.10.

Hacklab Jyväskylä is organizing an local event for the 45th Ludum Dare Game Jam.

Ludum Dare #45 Jyväskylä site is arranged on Fri 4th – Sun 6th of October 2019 as a part of Ludum Dare #45 Game Jam. Join LD45 Jyväskylä by registering to this event. Spaces are limited.

The actual Game Jam is held from 01:00 Sat 5th (Finnish Timezone) and lasts 48h (Compo) or 72h (Jam) depending on which you’re taking part in. The local event is open from 3h before the beginning of the Jam (Fri 22:00), for 45h (Sun 22:00), which means that you still have time to finish the production at home after the venue has been closed.

The Hacklab Jyväskylä club space acts as the venue and offers free breakfast (and other snacks!), some fridge space, essentials (table, chair, electricity wifi, toilet, showers, microwave oven, electric kettle), …
and possibly 24 ACCESS TO SPACE (please do not get mad at us if we can’t make this happen, it depends on volunteers)

There is also a chance of Sauna!

There are 2 pizza restaurants right next to the venue and 2 stores nearby (of which one is 24/7 open!) to handle your nourishment needs.

Arrival guide: https://jyvaskyla.hacklab.fi/en/the-space/

PLEASE NOTICE THAT there is no parking space for the whole event period.

Latest information, schedule and registration can be found at Eventbrite below:


Hacklab at Jyväskylä University opening fair

Hacklab had a stand today at the university opening fair.

We had on display our traditional Elovalo led cube, a 3D-printed keyboard, some wood bowls and a custom e-bike battery pack.

There were a lot of interested people and a few already found their way to open doors Tuesday the same evening.

Shanghai Hacking

When I got a chance to visit Shanghai this autumn, there were two priorities: visit the local hackerspace and check out some electronics markets. I made a trip to downtown Shanghai armed with addresses written on paper at my hotel, which I then showed to taxi drivers to move around my attractions.

First on the tour was the SEG electronics market.

The streets were filled with small stores full of components and mechanical parts new and old. There seems to be a lot of reusing of old industrial machinery parts. This is the kind of place you would come to shop for CNC machine parts!

On on side of the road filled with small electronics shops you find a large commercial center looking market place. You step inside and realize you are inside a shopping mall of electronics parts. Even though Shenzhen is the main hotspot for components, some of what you order online could be shipped from the SEG electronics market in Shanghai. I lost count of the floors, maybe there are 8, who knows.

This isn’t the place where you come to buy a camera or a laptop, this is a hacklab members’ dream come true.


The Shaghai hackerspace is called Xin Che Jian. I bribed myself in with some Fazer chocolate and a postcard from the JKL Hacklab which is now on the Xin Che Jian fridge.


This hackerspace is located in a startup incubator building, many small companies are close to each other. What amazed me the most was the huge helicopter simulator in the middle of the hackerspace which is used for real flight training. I also loved the aquaponic setups and the good feeling they gave, we also need some biohacking in JKL.

The hackerspace is a little bigger than ours, but not by much. I was jealous of the machining tools and the laser cutter. Everything had it’s place and the space was cozy. You notice that a hackerspace becomes what it’s members need it to be, just like it should.

Xin Che Jian was the first Hackerspace in China. The members told me that there aren’t many genuine hackerspaces in China because everything becomes business driven. However, rents are so high that funding a non-profit hackerspace is extremely difficult. It’s a good reminder to us about how precious our hacklab is and that we have to remain independent of profit oriented funding. A hacklab should be a place to relax and socialize, the profitable job is somewhere else. Of course innovation is encouraged and teamwork can lead to great things.

A big thanks to the wonderful people at the Xin Che Jian and welcome to Finland, we are waiting!