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Hacklab Jyväskylä ry.
Emännäntie 10
40740 Jyväskylä


Lab phone number is +358 93 157 6906. Calls are forwarded to chair when lab is not occupied.

Mailing list

A mailing list open for everyone: Hacklab Jyväskylä in Google Groups.


Our chat room is located in Matrix and it is It is bidirectionally bridged with IRC network IRCNet and Telegram. Remember to join, our national community chat as well! The following table should clarify things:

Matrix Telegram IRCNetin logoIRCNet
Hacklab Jyväskylä @hacklabJKL #hacklab.jkl @hacklabfi

Finnish is the primary language in both rooms but we are happily chatting in English when someone starts a discussion in English!

Association board

Hacklab Jyväskylä ry is a registered association in Finland.

You can contact the board via email:

Members of the board

Chair: Mikko Mäntylä
Vice chair: Jarkko Saltiola
Fund manager: Sampo Syrjänen
Secretary: Sampsa Kiiskinen
Membership manager: Esko Hanell
Premises manager: Jarno Pasonen
Network manager: Miika Luhtala
Instanssi manager: Jarkko Vilhunen

The members of the board have email addresses of the form

Bank account

Our bank account IBAN is FI93 7997 7997 9985 34. We accept donations. When you donate, please inform our board.

Registrar info

European Union VATIN: FI-30707242. See official register data.

Web site feedback

Feedback and improvement suggestions related to this web site is always welcome! Please file an issue to GitHub issue tracker.